2021 Bullet Journal Set-up

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. So I’ve now completed the first month of my new job and it’s going pretty well, although it has reinforced my admiration for people who blog/make videos consistently while also working full time. I missed a couple of posts last month – I hope you guys don’t mind. Anyway, today I’m going to be sharing my bullet journal set-up for this year. I’ve been using a bullet journal for a couple of years now and I love it. I find it super useful to keep organised and I love that you can customise your bullet journal for your own needs. Let’s get started.

I know we already over a month into the year, but this time I thought I’d show my set-up for this year after I’ve used it for a bit. First off I like to decorate my bullet journal with stickers. For anyone interested the stickers are from various games, books or films I love – on the cover there is an Amaterasu (Okami) sticker, one from Watership Down, one from the Witcher 3 game and a cute dog. On the back there is a cute hamster and dog stickers, one from Howl’s Moving Castle and the last one is from Horizon Zero Dawn (video game). 

Onto the actual set-up of this years bullet journal.
Firstly, I just have a page to start this years bullet journal off. It’s pretty blank right now, but I’m thinking of doodling on the page as the year goes on. Then I just have a year at a glance page. I like having this page in my bullet journal, so I can refer back to it whenever I need to.
Next up I have a grid spacing spread. This helps me set up any future spreads because I can see how to divide each page without having to measure it out each time. After that I just have a page with all of my favourite things at the start of the year, including favourite tv shows, video games, authors etc. Next to that I have a things to check out spread. This is split into four categories; video games, films, tv shows and authors. Pretty self explanatory, it’s just things I want to check out this year.
The next 12 pages are dedicated to my monthly spreads. I’ve divided each page down the middle with the days and dates of each month – this means that I can have my work schedule on one side and my blogging schedule on the other. I write my work schedule in black, and my blogging schedule in blue. Once the work days are done or the post is up I tick them off to show that it’s completed. 
After the monthly spreads, I have a page focused on my blog. It has my main goals for my blog for this year as well as a table for me to keep track of stats. Then I have a double page spread where I note down all of the books this year. This spread is split into 6 columns; title of the book, the author, the date I finished it, my rating, review date if I’m review it and whether it was an ARC or from Netgalley. There is also a blank page directly after this, so I can make this spread larger if needed.
On the next page, I have an on my bookshelf spread. This is basically where I’ve noted down all the books I own at the start of the year, in the hopes that it will motivate me to read them all. Once I’ve read a book from the list, I will cross it off. Hopefully by the end of the year, most of these books will be crossed off the list. After that I have an anticipated things spread. I split these into four quarters of the year – right now it only has anticipated books noted down but I will be adding in film, tv shows and video games I’m anticipating too.
Next up I have a songs of the year spread. As you can see, I’ve split the spread into 12 sections to represent each month – this way I can note down all of my favourite songs from each month of this year. After that I have a double page spread all about video games. I have a section on anticipated games, games I completed this year, games to check out and games I’ve completed. 
I like to keep track of what series I’m reading, so the next spread is all about that. On the first page I note down all the series I’m in the middle of and where I am in the series (how many books I’ve read). Right now I have ten noted down but I’m sure I’ll be adding to that at some point. On the other page I have a section to write down the series I started or finished this year, as well as a section to note down my favourite book from each month. After that I will be creating a spread on my VCA course – I’m close to finishing it and this spread will help organise my progress from the last bit of the course. 
The final two spread are for my life journal for this year. I started a life journal last year and I really enjoyed doing it, so I wanted to continue doing it this year. In the life journal I basically note down memories from the year, as well as things I’ve been watching, playing, listening to etc. The first spread I have is for January – I’ve noted down memories from the month, what I read, what I watched, some goals for next month and a few favourite things. Opposite that I’ve created my January playlist – ideally the pictures would be in colour but my colour printer isn’t working very well right now so I printed them in black and white instead. 


That’s it for today. I love using my bullet journal and I really enjoy putting it together at the start of the year – I love that you can customise the bullet journal to your needs. I’m also looking forward to filling it up throughout this year. Do you guys use a bullet journal? If not how do you keep yourself organised? Let’s chat in the comments. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next.








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