10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Hi guys how are you all? I hope you are all well. I wasn’t sure what to post today, so I thought I would introduce myself a bit more. I don’t know if you’re interested but just in case here I am :). Today also marks the one year anniversary of this blog! I can’t believe I have now been doing this for a whole year. Since it has now been a year, I thought a get to know me post would be a good way for you to get to know me a little better. Anyway, I am going to stop rambling now and actually start this post.
  • I am dyslexic with elements of dyspraxia. I know I have mentioned this before but I thought I would quickly share how it effects me. It mainly affects my processing speeds – it takes my brain longer to process information. Another interesting way affects me is that my handwriting is noticeably slower to my peers, because it takes longer for the information to go from my brain to the paper. I was told when I was eight that I had this learning difficulty.
  • I am very much a home body – I am happiest when I am at home. I much prefer staying in then going out, as I am not a party/clubbing person (I hate loud noises and crowds). The best time is just having a nice, chilled evening in with a fire going and a book or a film :).
  • I don’t have a lot of allergies but I am allergic to sawdust – I get a bad rash when my skin is exposed to it. Other than that, I don’t have any allergies that I know of.
  • If I could choose a superpower, I would choose to have healing powers. I have always loved the idea of having the ability of heal people and so if I could have a power it would definitely be that. My second choice would probably be telekinesis or control over earth :).
  • I am quite a quiet and softly spoken person, but once I get to know you I can be pretty talkative.
  • I love watching films but I don’t like horror films. I enjoy animations, action and adventure, thrillers, comedy, rom-coms etc. There are quite a few films release I am excited for this year.
  • My favourite subject at school was history. I enjoyed studying the history of medicine and I found Nazi Germany to be a fascinating time period. I haven’t read a lot of history books recently so I hope to read more this year. My least favourite time period I studied at school would probably be the Tudor period but it was still interesting.
  • Although I was in three sports teams in my primary school, I am not a sporty person. I kind of wish I was because then I would want to do it but I am really not. I do like swimming though.
  • I have never broken a bone *touches wood :)* but I did sprain my ankle in primary school.
  • I have no idea what I am doing with my life and that kind of scares me. I would love to have this blog as my career but that is unlikely. I am currently thinking about working with animals as I am a huge animal lover and have worked in a rescue centre… It is just so hard to know.


There you have it – some more facts about me. I am thinking of maybe doing a Q&A post if anyone is interested in that, so if you do have any questions please leave them in the comments or tweet me. Any questions are welcome :). I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





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