February Wrap-up 2016

Today I am going to tell you about the books that I read in the month of February. I read 5 books, which I’m pretty happy with, considering one of them was over 1,000 pages.

Dreamwalker / J. D. Oswald ★★★

This follows 2 central characters, first there is Benfro, a young Dragon who was born out of the law and lives in a magically protected village with other dragons, including his mother. Dragons are considered abominations and so they live in hiding from the humans. They are intelligent and can read and write, which I really liked. Secondly, we have Errol, a young boy who shares his birthday with Benfro and is unknowingly heir to the throne. I enjoyed the introduction to this new world, and I felt the portrayal of dragons is quite unique and well done. I just felt there was something lacking – I thought the plot was kind of predictable and it is a bit of a slow burner. However it is a good, solid first book in the series and I will probably check out the next book to see where things go. If you like dragons and entertaining, if a little slow fantasy tales then you would probably like this.


Morning Star / Pierce Brown ★★★★★

This is the third and final book in the Red Rising trilogy and was released last month. I am not going to go into the plot because it is the final book in the series, but it starts right where we left off from the second book. So many emotions and so many twists – I absolutely love this trilogy. I thought this was a great conclusion, and I highly recommend to check it out.


Remembrance / Meg Cabot ★★★

Suze is back in this new book in the Mediator series. This follows Suze who wants to make a good impression on her first job after graduating college. It is the 7th book in the series, and I think it is the first that is an adult book. I absolutely loved the series when I was younger, so for me it was really enjoyable, but I don’t know what it would be like for someone who hasn’t read the series. I enjoyed this new addition, but felt the plot was pretty predictable and I just didn’t understand why Paul came back. It kind of felt like an easy route, but it was a entertaining, nostalgic read. If you’ve read and enjoyed the rest of the series, then you will probably enjoy this.


War and Peace / Leo Tolstoy ★★★★★

This was my classic pick for the month and it took me the whole month to read it. It is set in Russia in the 1800s and spans the French invasion of Russia. It mostly follows five families – Bezukhov, Rostov, Kuragin, Bolkonsky and Drubetskoy. This is an incredible book. I would recommend it to everyone. The insights into human nature and the development of the characters are a pleasure to read about. There is no good or evil – the characters are all human. They make mistakes and they have regrets just like everyone else. I also love how Tolstoy seems to remain impartial to his characters, so the readers can make up their own mind about each person. It’s really interesting to see where these characters go throughout the years this book spans. Another thing I personally enjoyed was the war time parts and battles, as I am interested in history and strategy/tactics. I will say some understanding or knowledge of Russian history may help you follow the plot, but it is not necessary to read it. I loved this and highly recommend you to check it out.


Night Study / Maria V Snyder ★★★.5

This is the 2nd book in the Soulfinder trilogy, and the 5th book in the Study series, so I am not going to go into the plot because spoilers. I read this on my kindle.  I thought this was a great continuation of the series, although I did find it dragged abit in certain places. Also I wasn’t a huge fan of the chapters from Leif’s perspective, but that’s just personal preference . This series is abit of a guilty pleasure for me – I know the writing isn’t the best, the plot and pacing can sometimes be a bit off and the multiple POVs can sometimes be frustrating, but its a fun, entertaining series. If you are a fan of Snyder and/or have read the original Study trilogy, then you will most likely enjoy this.


See you next time


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