Anticipated Books

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I know I haven’t been posting very consistently this year so thank you to everyone who is sticking around. If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve reduced the number of posts to 1 post a week, since I find this more manageable now that I’m working. Anyone, as you can tell from the title, today I’m going to share my anticipated books for the rest of the year. I haven’t been reading as much as I want to right now, but I’m still excited for a lot of book releases and wanted to share them with you guys. So let’s get started. 


Chains of Earth / David Mealing / 14th July / book 3 of the Ascension cycle trilogy
The Witness of the Dead / Katherine Addison / 22nd July / standalone sequel to The Goblin Emperor
A Desert Torn Asunder / Bradley Beaulieu / 22nd July / book 6 in the Songs of Shattered Sand series,
Nolyn / Michael J. Sullivan / 3rd August / book 1 of the Rise and Fall series
Play of Shadows / Sebastien de Castell / 30th September / book 1 of the Court of Shadows series.
Iron Widow / Xiran Jay Zhao / 7th October / book 1 of the Iron Widow series
Fall of the Argosi / Sebastien de Castell / 14th October / standalone in the Spellslinger series
Terciel and Elinor / Garth Nix / 2nd November / book 6 of the Old Kingdom series 
The Veiled Throne / Ken Liu / 4th November / book 3 of the Dandelion Dynasty series
The Bone Shard Emperor / Andrea Stewart / 11th November / book 2 of the Drowning Empire trilogy


What books are you guys excited for? Do you have a highly anticipated book release coming up? Let’s chat in the comments. It can sometimes be a little tricky keeping track of all the book releases, so I may have missed some, but these are the ones I’m aware of. Sometimes I can be good at keeping up with reading new releases, other times I can be rubbish, so we’ll see when I actually read these books. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.






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