Unread Books

Hi guys I hope you are all well. So I thought I would start off this year by sharing all the unread books currently sitting on my shelf in the hope I can look back at the end of the year to see I’ve read them all :). It’s also a good way for you guys to see what is on my TBR at the moment. Just a quick apology for the lighting in some of the photos – obviously it’s winter and the natural lighting isn’t that great so I sorry about that. With that done, let’s get started.


So that is 45 books on my TBR at the start of the year. It seems I have a lot of books to read :). Hopefully I’ll read all of these, or at least most of these, this year but I think a book buying ban may be in the future to help me with that. I’m excited to get to all of these books though – a few have been on my shelves for quite some time now. Do you know how many unread books you have? I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





10 thoughts on “Unread Books

  1. Oooo there’s some great books here! A lot are fantasy that my other half would be interested in I reckon. I will note down a few for him to check out. 😉 Lovely TBR to be getting on with, and good luck if you do a book-buying ban, I fail those within weeks! 😂 My netgalley ban got broke friday too, I’m useless at keeping my TBR under control! 😱 And your photos have come out fine btw 😊

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  2. I have almost 300 unread books. I used to buy A LOT of books, and now I don’t. I guess it’s because I pay bills now. Everytime I go to a bookstore, I’m always thinking to myself…”are all my bills paid off for the month?” If they are, I buy one, maybe two books tops. If they aren’t, I set the book back down.

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  3. Seventeen. Interesting. First, his last book (at least in English) was Six Four, wonder if he always uses numbers ha!
    I am still reading Six Four. Well I read it off and on. I think he’s a good author but it is a huge police procedural. I’m tempted by Seventeen but now I’m a little wary after this book.

    I have about 15 books tbr (that I own) including Pachinko which is next.

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      1. So I finished Saturday x Four. The book had picked up (still had some slow pacing) and the last couple hundred pages weren’t bad.

        I’ll look forward to your thoughts on Pachinko. I’m halfway through.


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