Reading Resolutions 2017

Hi guys, it is now the beginning of a new year, so I thought it was time to talk to you about some resolutions I have for this year. I did pretty well with last years goal – I read over 100 books, I read 12 classics, I read a Dicken’s novel and I finished the Narnia series. I think I could have done better on the diversify front but I didn’t do too badly and I plan to do better this year. I didn’t quite manage to finish the Poldark series either so that goal will be transferred to this year. Anyway let’s get onto my resolutions for this year.

Read 100 books
Read 12 Classics 

Read more diversely

Try out more fantasy + sci fi

Read Little Dorritt by Charles Dicken

Read The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth

Finish some series 


Above are all of my tbr books on my shelves at the start of this year! Once again I’ve set my Goodreads challenge to 100 books. For the past two years I have managed this so I am hopeful that I can do it again. I was thinking of upping it to 150 books but I thought that may be a bit to much for me as I don’t want to make it stressful. I might just have 150 books set at the back of my mind as a possible challenge.  Again I want to read 12 classics – basically a classic a month. I found that this goal was a great motivator for me to pick up more classics so I wanted to do this again. I might change this to 15 classics or something like that at some point but again I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. The next one is pretty self explanatory but I think it is important to read diversely. The others are books I want to read because they’ve been on my shelf for quite some time now. As I read mostly fantasy and science fiction I would love to try out more from these genres and finish some series as well. The last resolution or goal is to continue with my blog, improving as I go. Let me know what your resolutions are for this year – do you have any similar to mine? I hope you are having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





22 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions 2017

  1. There are some fantastic books on your TBR pile – I’m genuinely excited for you that you get to read Lady Susan! I’m also adding The Watchmaker of Filigree Street and some classics to my list for 2017 🙂

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    1. I am excited for Lady Susan too as I love Austen! Oh nice I swear my tbr is always growing! I would love to read more classics this year! 😄

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  2. I only have a goodreads goal at the moment. I have a whole bookshelf devoted to tbr books. I need to go through them and see what ones I want to keep and if there are any I wish to give away. That might be a goal of mine this year.

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  3. I’m also trying to read more classics this year! Something I really want to do is start more discussions about bookish topics, and comment more on other blogs. I also really want to try to read all of the books that I own before I seek out new ones… we’ll see how that goes.

    Best of luck with your 2017 goals!

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    1. Yes I really want to read all the books I own before buying more but I have very little will power when it comes to books so we’ll see 😄 Discussions sound really good – I’d quite like to do more of them too! Good luck with your goals too. We’ll have to encourage each other throughout the year 😄

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