Christmas Traditions

Hi guys, I need to first express my excitement for Christmas time! I love this time of year so much. It is just the best. I hope you are all feeling festive at the moment. In honour of Christmas, I thought I would share some Christmas traditions we have. Now as a family, we have quite a chilled Christmas time but we do have a few things that happen that make it feels more festive. It wouldn’t be the same if these didn’t happen basically.  I am so happy it is this time of the year :).
  • Every year on Christmas eve my sister and I get new pyjamas.
  • We (me, my mum and my sister) always put the tree up together. This has gotten a little trickier since my sister now lives and works in London, but it’s always nice to do it together. This year we didn’t get the tree up until quite late because we were waiting for my sister. We also always listen to Christmas music while decorating the tree.
  • Every year we get a box of Celebrations that we open on Christmas day.
  • We (again me, my mum and my sister) always make mince pies together.
  • We get up on Christmas day and have breakfast, cup of tea or coffee etc. Then we unwrap all of our present (just the four of us – mum, dad, sister and me) in the morning and then around midday we visit some of my dad’s family. My mums family don’t live near by but we call them as well. Basically we just have a very chilled day.
  • We have the big roast on Boxing Day, so Christmas day can be spent relaxing.
  • My mum always has a bowl of nuts around the house during Christmas.


These are just little things that make it more festive for me. Little traditions that have just kind of happened over the years – we never planned these traditions. Anyway I’m really interested to know what Christmas traditions you have – let me know :). Do you have any similar to mine? I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





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