5 Favourite TV shows

Hi guys, it’s day 14 of blogmas – I can’t believe how quickly it is going. I hope you guys are all ready to have a lovely Christmas :). Anyway onto the purpose of this post. Today I am sharing 5 of my favourite tv shows. I think I’ve mentioned most (if not all) of these shows in previous posts at some point, but I don’t think I’ve done a favourite shows post before. So I thought it was about time. I have watched a lot of tv in my 22 years so I’ve probably missed something but these are the top 5 tv shows that I can currently think of :). These may change in the years ahead, so I’m not going to say they are my all time favourites. They are five TV that I enjoy and would recommend :).  Onto my favourites.
  • The West Wing – American political drama starring Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe, John Spencer, Allison Jannery and more – this is a huge favourite of mine. It has 7 series and is such a great TV show. You don’t need to know alot about American politics to enjoy it either. I love this series.
  • Orphan Black – Canadian sci-fi thriller starring Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris and more – I had seen this around for ages but I didn’t start watching it until this year and I am so glad I did start watching it. I love this series and think Tatiana is such a great actress. The fifth and final series comes out in 2017.
  • NCIS – American police procedural series starring Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and more – This is just a great TV show, especially if you are a fan of crime drama type TV shows. I am a big fan of Ziva :). Definitely recommend it – currently has 14 series.
  • Luther – British crime drama starring Idris Elba, Ruth Wilson, Warren Brown and more – another crime drama series that is well worth a watch. The acting is great and the stories are a pleasure to watch. I have yet to watch the fourth series but I am sure I will enjoy it.
  • Some BBC adaptations of classics – three of my favourites are Pride and Prejudice, North and South and Jane Eyre. I also really enjoyed Little Dorrit and Middlemarch – there are so many good ones.
I am a big fan of TV so it seemed like a good idea to share some of my favourites. Let me know if you guys have any recommendations for me. I am always up for binge watching a new series 🙂 that is what I ended up doing with Orphan Black on Netflix. Speaking of Netflix I also really enjoyed their original series Jessica Jones, so I would recommend that too. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.





5 thoughts on “5 Favourite TV shows

  1. Man, you are doing a great job with consistently putting out these posts!
    I own that P&P version, as well as the shorter movie and like them both.

    I shall have to check out little dorrit, as I’m a sucker for anything Dickens.


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