T5W: Gateway Books to Fantasy

Top 5 Wednesday was originally created and run by Lainey aka gingerreadslainey (Youtube channel) but it is now being run by Sam aka Thoughts on tomes (Youtube channel). Each week there is a different topic. You can check out the groups Goodreads page here for any more information and the future topics. Before I get started with my list, I have already done a post about some good places to start with fantasy. In a bid not to repeat myself I will being choosing 5 other fantasy books, but I will leave that post linked ( Where to start: Fantasy Recommendations) for your browsing pleasure :). A lot of my choices are actually series, as I have not come across or read many fantasy standalones. Onto my list.
  • The Gift by Alison Croggon – book 1 in the Pellinor series. It should be clear by now my love for this series and so of course I think this is a great place to start. The series is influenced by Tolkien but it is very much it’s own series. It has amazing characters, engaging plot and wonderful writing.
  • Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan – this is the first volume containing the first two books in this six book series. I have included this one as it is an easy and incredibly entertaining read. I love the relationship between the two main characters, and it is great to see the plot unfold.
  • Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver – this is the first book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. This is one of the series that got me into fantasy and it is a page-turning, original and so enjoyable. I think this is quite an underrated series.
  • The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima – book 1 in the Seven Realms series. The pacing of this series can be a bit uneven at times, but it is well worth a read. The characters are wonderful and the plot will keep you engaged throughout.
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch – first book in the Gentlemen Bastard Sequences. I have to admit that I initially struggled with this book, but this is a wonderful series. After the first hundred pages or so I was completely hooked. If you like heists, you need to check this out.


I find it quite tricky coming up with these kind of recommendations, as you can’t really state that any of them are the best place to start. It all depends on the taste of person. Anyway I think these five books would be a good place to start, but there are so many other books you can try as well. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will see you next time.




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