25 Random Facts About Me

Today I thought I would share 25 random facts about me. Just in case you want to get to know me a little bit better… 🙂
  1. I am very much a dog person. We’ve had dogs in the family since I was 4 years old. For reference I am 22 years old. We currently have two collies.
  2. I have dyslexia and elements of dyspraxia – I was told when I was eight years old and it is the main reason I didn’t read much as a child.
  3. I have a tendency to walk into things.
  4. I played the oboe up until the age of 16/17.
  5. I have a bit of an obsession with jumpers and I’m always looking for more. 🙂
  6. Whenever its Easter here in the UK I eat way too many Mini eggs.
  7. My favourite subject at school was history.
  8. My favourite Studio Ghibli film is Howl’s Moving Castle, with Princess Mononoke a close second favourite.
  9. My favourite artists include Hokusai and Hiroshige.
  10. I love food, but I am a bit of a picky eater.
  11. I would love to have my own library when I’m older.
  12. I’m quite indecisive.
  13. I am more of a morning person.
  14. My favourite season is probably winter… or autumn.
  15. I don’t like talking on the phone.
  16. I loved Hong Kong when I went there in Feb 2014 and would love to go back!
  17. I am not a fan of scary movies.
  18. I am right-handed.
  19. Watership Down is one of my all time favourite books.
  20. I primarily wear grey, black or blue.
  21. Pretty much the only thing I drink is water.
  22. When I was about 15/16 I dyed my hair red for about 2 years.
  23. I am quite a sarcastic person, especially with my family.
  24. I didn’t really start enjoying reading until I was a teenager.
  25. Finally when I was younger I wanted to have my own kennels for boarding dogs.
Since I have been blogging for almost 6 months now I thought I would add in a kind of get to know me post. For anyone who was curious about me – I don’t know if you care but here it is anyway :).
See you next time




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