Tips to read more

Today I thought I would share some tips on how to read more – I have 5 tips for you today and hopefully you will find this helpful. Obviously different things for work for different people and it will be a bit of trial and error to find what works for you.
  • Tip no. 1 – schedule your reading time. I know this sounds abit weird but if you are busy and say for example are at school than it may be more productive to plan your time. Think about when is the best time for you – maybe in the morning when you are having breakfast, or use some reading time as a treat after working or revision, or before bed etc.
  • Tip no. 2 – don’t force it. If you are not enjoying what you are read or just struggling to get into it then put it done and try something else. Sometimes it is just not the right time for a particular book and I personally think forcing yourself to read book you’re not enjoying is probably just going to put you in a reading slump.
  • Tip no.3 – quit reading. Accept that fact that not all books are going to be your thing and you don’t have to finish them. If you DNF a book that is perfectly fine. I used to try to always finish books and even series but now if I’m not enjoying it then I just give up. I can usually tell when I don’t get on with a book and when it’s a book that I just need to try again.
  • Tip no. 4 – set goals. Obviously if this will stress you out then give it a pass, but if you like having little goals for the day or the week then go for it. Set goals on how many pages you want to read in a day, or how many chapters. Whatever works for you.
  • Tip no. 5 – read what you want. This one may seem like an obvious one but I thought I’d include it anyway. Don’t fight inclinations to read a certain book. Read what you want to and not what has been on your shelves for a long time. You’ll get through a book faster if you are actually in the mood to read it.


Let me know if you have any other tips in the comments and I will see you next time.



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