Recommendations – Favourite series

Hello again,
I thought that I would recommend some of my favourite series, so here are five that I adore. All of these series get 5 out of 5 stars and I would recommend them to everyone.
His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
Putting it very simply, this trilogy follows Lyra and Will in their coming of age story. The characters stay with you even after you’ve finished this series, and the ending of the last book is probably the first time that I felt really affected/sad at a book conclusion. There are just so many emotions you feel while reading this series, and I now have an all-encompassing love for it. Although written for children, this trilogy can and is appreciated by readers of all ages. I plan to reread it this year to see what I take from it, since I haven’t read it for years. I have a full review of the trilogy which you can check out here. So please go read it, if you haven’t already.
Old Kingdoms trilogy by Garth Nix
This trilogy focuses on two Abhorsen over a span of about 30 years as they fight evil. An Abhorsen is a hereditary position who fights necromancers, the Dead and Free Magic creatures to protect humanity. In book one we meet Sabriel as she sets out to save her father (the Abhorsen), who is trapped in death. Within  this trilogy you will find amazing characters, an interesting magic system (in the form of bells) and a rich world you’ll get lost in. A prequel novel Clariel came out in 2014, which I would also recommend. I will always remember this trilogy as the books that got me into fantasy, and reading in general, so I hold this trilogy in a special place in my heart for that. 🙂
Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
Eragon’s life is shattered when he bonds with a dragon, and he has to go on a journey with her to defeat the only other Dragon Rider/tyrant, King Galbatorix. The developing relationship between the two, and the growth they show throughout the books is a pleasure to read about. At least for me. I know it has been criticized for its derivative nature and that it pulls strongly from the conventions of the fantasy genre, but I didn’t really notice to be honest. Maybe because I was younger when I first read it. I still really enjoy the series and want to reread it at some point in the near future.
Pellinor series by Alison Croggon
This series revolves around Maerad, a slave who finds she has a gift (hint in the title 🙂 ) and a destiny she knew nothing about. Two of the main characters in this (Maerad and Cadvan) are probably two of my favourite characters ever. They are just so well written, and I love how their relationship shifts and develops throughout the series. The books are so easy to read, the plot shifts in ways I didn’t expect and you get very invested in the characters as they grow. On a side note I just thought I’d express my immense excitement for the release of a prequel book The Bone Queen which hopefully will come out this year!!
Black Magicians trilogy by Trudi Canavan
Sonea, a slum dwelling young girl, discovers she has a natural ability for magic despite the fact that magic is restricted to the upper classes. I have big love for Trudi Canavan and I think I would have to say that this is my favourite series by her. You’ll find well developed characters, a great setting and an amazing plot that will have you gripped. However I will say that the beginning of book one is a little slow, but push through it and it will get better I promise. The prequel The Magician’s Apprentice is also really good.
Have you read any of these? What is your favourite series?
See you next time.

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